Welcome to Election Security Daily

Welcome to Election Security Daily. Thank you for visiting.

The twin threats to our democracy are physical hacking of voting systems and the use of social media to spread false and misleading information that compromises election integrity.

ESD is meant to consolidate posted information about both of these threats. The idea will be to give concerned citizens, vendors, advocates, activists, academics, governmental officials and others a central source for news and information.

Much of what will be here is not new. There will be referrals to news, analysts’ sites, academic, governmental and other sites. The goal of ESD is to point to all of these scattered resources. The site will add features and departments as necessary during the coming months.

The core of the site will be a daily posting of news on election integrity issues collected from around the web. Over time, we will add contact information for various players in this broad sector, written and autio interviews with experts and other features.

Thank you for visiting the site. Clearly, our democracy is under unprecedented threat. Protecting our elections is among the most profound challenges of our times. The place to start is with information. Hopefully, the Election Security Daily will make a contribution.

Carl Weinschenk, Publisher


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